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The big and medium online shops is based on the open source-L & ouml; solution Magento. However, many shop operators are not sufficient in Magento, which is why it is often sufficient, which is why it is often & nbsp; Extension modules < /a> to be installed. It is advisable to consult an experienced magento agency like the . Commercers. We are your competent partner in the further development of your Magento shop.

and because we know that you love your shop, we put as much passion as you.

We have been developing our own extensions for the years, which have been brought onto the market or proactively from our customers, which are based both from the use of our customers. Our extension portfolio of A like Auto content Up to Z like Find figures with decimal places href = "http://www.commercers-shop.com/index.php/magento-extensions-17.html"> here .

The wrong extension in the wrong combination with other extensions can be the functional of your shop considerably legs or even bring it to a standstill. Do not rely on any extension that you can find on one of the many international market places, but trust the You can find what you are looking for in our Portfolio Our developers are happy to put their ideas and programming an extension that is perfectly tailored to their beds.

call us (+84 0905 293 200) or write a Email . We look forward to seeing you!