Auto Delete Customer for Magento 2

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Give your admin all the access to deleting customer accounts automatically through the Autp Delete Customer Account Magento 2. Enable your admin to clear data from the Magento 2 ‘Customers’ section at their will . Add this extension to get over the limitation of not being able to delete the mass of the customer account automatically.

What You Get:

  • Option to Automatically Deletes the Account from Magento 2 Store based on the accounts' age

  • Ability to save time and data by not keeping too old customer accounts in your store. 

  • Added Auto Delete Account Feature that Magento Doesn’t Already Provide. 


Provide Your Admin With an Option to Erase All old Data From Your Magento Store at Their Will Through Auto Delete Customer Account Extension By Commercers Viet Nam.

  • Challenge:

When you are running an eCommerce store, one of the major priorities must always be saving the space for valuable data .But removing customer accounts in backend one by one will take a lot of time. 

  • Solution:

Auto delete Customer accounts extension will help you to make it easier and quicker. For too old customer accounts, they will be remove at the same time just via our simple setting in backend.  This extension enables your admin with an option to delete useless  customer account if they no longer want to save in your Magento store's data   

  1. Easily enable the extension by switching the "YES" or disable with "NO"

  2. Under the Settings section, here we can set up the time for running cron

  3. Start time allows us to set the exactly time that cron will run

  4. At "Account age", here we have a dropdown which let us choose the age of the Customer accounts need removing.

  5. Include Domain: we can let all the emails domains of the customer account follow the deleting rule or customize it for only specific domain

The cron helps us to proceed all the process is " Commercers_customer_autodelete_cron

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